the ultimate obedience workers      

Training Your Spitz



EMPHATICALLY  not!  many people describe the breed in this way and it is a complete myth.It is not just a question of semantics either. .The GS is a highly reactive strong minded brave dog with a zest for life .It  does not suffer fools gladly and if it does not rate you as leader it will take its own lead.

The breed is highly intelligent and that intelligence is displayed in its extreme speed of learning but also allows it to sum you up pretty quickly as well. It does not say like some working breeds:what do you want me to do today? It is not an obedient servant. It would be more like what are WE  doing today?

The breed loathes mindless repetition and if you don’t vary your training routines,then the predictability of your behaviour will perhaps lead the dog to vary its responses leading to this misconception of STUBORNNESSS. 


Be warned......this breed learns so quickly that what appears to be a lack of eagerness is more of a symptom of your predictability!      the German Spitz is a very humbling breed as it does like playing a few mind games....very feline at times.

Let us play OPEN THE open the door like a well trained servant and the spitz will then turn around and not go out!  you call it to come in once it is out and it seems to be deaf!      

come unpredictable....walk away and shut the dwhat to do?    beoor  ! 


Generally this breed is highly food motivated.  But a toy of any sort will do just as well.......if you do pattern training and a lot of it, then  this breed is not for you.  There is no point in getting a lolly for saying 2 plus 2 is 4 if you do it five times a day every day.


The  German Spitz can work in most canine disciplines and indeed have titled in all these( although not all in Australia )


Rally O


Jumping and Games


Scent work

Search and rescue