the ultimate obedience workers      

The Future: Conformation and Performance Mittels

Neuter Champion and Australian Champion Mediaevalage Cast a Spell  . showing Neuter classes with multi classes in group wins and 2 Neuters in show #1 German Spitz Neuter NSW DOL point score 2014: #1 German Spitz Neuter NSW and #1 Neuter German Spitz for AUSTRALIA 2015
Champion Nueboree Snow Fox  STEWART..,runner up Best of Breed Canberra Royal at 10 months
now in training for Rally and Obedience
Champion Llancarfan Georgia Brown ,ELLE
BOB Canberra Royal  for two consecutive years
now campaigning in Neuter

Ch LLancarfan Jingle Bells CCD RN  CHRISSIE in training for CD and for Neuter Conformation
#1 Neuter Mittel NSW  DOL 2016
Ryfrost Venus Doom RN  BELLA  about to enter Neuter conformation and to  continue her fabulous start in obedience Rally work